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Welcome to RangeSport America. We’re shooting sports enthusiasts that are obsessed with quality gear, manic about safety, hungry for performance metrics, and decidedly not tacticool… no steroid-infused spokesmen, plate carriers or larpy fudd stuff to be found on our site, just a curated collection of gear and resources that we love, and that we think might make your life a little better.

We also know that there’s certainly no shortage of online stores for pews and parts, so we appreciate you taking the time to come poke around ours. Your time is valuable, and we love you sharing it with us.

Look around around, get to know us and reach out anytime you ever need anything.

The Original Beaver Flashlight


This is where it all started, the Beaver “insane-throw” EDC handheld light. A ridiculous beam of light packed into a palm-sized, pocket-friendly flashlight.

We’re passionate advocates for the handheld flashlight being one the most impactful and underrated self-defense tools you can carry. Come see what all the fuss is about.

TX22 Competition Basepads


A RangeSport + Canuck Tactical exclusive product, borne of our obsession with the TX22 pistol. Like our insane-throw flashlight, this is one of those products that needed to exist but didn’t yet, so we figured out how to make it.

CNC machined in Georgia, hard-anoxized for extreme durability, our TX22 Competition Basepads add 1oz weight and 0.3″ to factory magazine bodies for faster, more reliable reloads and easier handling. The added weight allows spent magazines to fall free from the gun, while the enlarged basepad enabled an improved grip index from mag pouches.


Range Day Essentials

Everything you need for a successful trip to the range. 

Self-Defense Tools

There’s more to staying safe than just firearms. 

Cleaning & Maintenance

If you respect your tools, they’ll return the favor.

Train, Compete, Repeat

Curated hardware for your your software.

Light: The Ultimate Self-Defense Tool

If you’re on our website, it’s because you’re passionate about protecting yourself and your love ones. Everyone and their cousin will talk about guns, about a third of them will talk about pepper spray, and we’re here to talk about light. The ultimate long-range defense tool to immediately invert the predator-pray relationship, with zero legal hassle.

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