If you’re on our website, it’s because you’re passionate about protecting yourself and your love ones. Of course, in this industry — from retail to training programs — everyone wants to talk about guns. Of course, a firearm in the hands of a well-trained, educated shooter is an unspeakably powerful and effective defensive tool. The firearm is the last resort, when you or a loved one are in immediate and otherwise unavoidable risk of death or grave bodily harm. But the majority of the time when we sense a predator and feel the need to protect ourselves, it’s somewhere on a spectrum of threat that requires a less lethal response.

One step down from the permanence and lethality of firearms are short-range, physical deployables like pepper spray, pepper gel and tasers. These are usually effective nonlethal options, but the catch is that they require you to be up close and personal with your assailant: most pepper sprays and tasers have a range of about 10 feet, with some pepper gels extending to about 15-18 feet. As we know from the world of Dennis Tueller, these ranges can be closed in less than one second by an assailant. These options also have a limited deployment capacity; you’ve got a few seconds of output (spray, gel, or electrodes) and if you miss or run out, that’s the end of your defensive wall. There are also possible legal ramifications to deploying nonlethal options.

One step down from these physical contact options is, we believe, the ultimate defensive tool: light. There’s nothing else as effective for averting a threat before it becomes an immediate problem. There’s a reason bad people do bad things at night, in the shadows, and by surprise. Light eliminates all of these things, immediately. 

A high-powered, long-throw flashlight can immediately and effectively reverse the predator-pray relationship. Light can be deployed from long ranges, up to 100 yards or more than a city block. Furthermore, there are effectively zero legal ramifications to illuminating someone, at any range.