Short on time or trying to conserve funds for your next class? No sweat.

Check out this collection of amazing printable PDF targets from our friends over at (awesome website, definitely go check it out).

Canuck’s personal favorites are the…

  • USPSA 1/3 target – When you use this target, feet become yards. So, if you put the scaled-down target at 10 feet, your eye sees a full-size target at 10 yards
  • B8 target – The unforgiving, ego-crushing home of the 10-10-10 and Hateful 8 drills
    • 10-10-10 Drill: Set up at 10 yards. Gun starts holstered (concealment optional) loaded with 10 rounds. Draw, fire 10 rounds on target. Par time 10 seconds. Target score is 100/100 points.
    • Hateful 8 Drill: Set up at 8 yards. Gun starts holstered (concealment optional) loaded with 4 rounds. Two magazines on belt loaded with 2 rounds each. Draw, fire 4 rounds, reload, fire 2 rounds, reload, fire 2 rounds. Par time 8 seconds. Target score is 80/80 points.