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FINALLY a timer designed for everyone… affordable price, good for indoor ranges, perfect for dryfire. Everything you need (at half the price of a case of ammo).
SG Timer GO packs the same smart sensor and recognition algorithms as its older brother, the legendary original Shooters Global shot timer at half the price of the original. And the completely free Drills app opens up access to the most advanced feature set ever in a shot timer.
  • Top-mounted display with backlight
  • All the data you need on one screen: string time, shot string, splits, DTFS
  • Advanced echo filtering for indoor use, isolating and capturing only your shots
  • 100-degree extreme sensitivity adjustment picks up dry fire, CO2, suppressed fire
  • Built-in memory for up to 1 million shots
  • PAR timer
  • 99db beep volume (with adjustment)
  • Top mounted display and simplified interface, so you can focus on your training
  • Just 2 buttons — Start / Stop and preset change
  • Quick release belt clip included in the box ensures sturdy mounting mechanism and easy access with a push of lever
  • Completely free for your iPhone or Android smartphone AND smart watch
  • Configure your presets in Drills app in advanced mode and switch between them on the timer
  • Capture video overlaid with shot data in realtime
  • Control the timer remotely
  • Analyze your performance on a larger screen
  • Create and share stages in 3D
  • Sensitive enough acoustics to catch the sound of your trigger press
  • Advanced firmware allows you to program and save custom dry fire sessions, and will give you a clear indication of your performance relative to the goal
  • Up to 80 hours of continuous shooting on a single charge
  • USB–C port

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