The “Help, I bought a shitty holster off Amazon!” Triage Kit


Your one stop shop for un-sucking that first holster you bought off Amazon for 25 bucks. It can be saved!!

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We’ve ALL been there… we’re getting started, and we spring for the $25-30 holster. We figure it’s “good enough” for now. You know the ones: We The People, Concealment Express, Amberide, CYA Supply Co, PoleCraft, etc.

Then, we get a bit more into concealed carry and start to realize that this thing just isn’t working as well as it could for us. And the problem usually isn’t with the kydex shell itself, but rather the hardware setup.

Normally, to “upgrade” one of these starter holsters, someone needs to source a new clip, a foam wedge, a claw, and some way to mount all that stuff on their own. (Check out this phenomenal handbook on concealment principles from Jon and Sarah at Phlster on the geometry and mechanics of concealment, and why you need a claw and wedge on your holster.) Now, these components themselves aren’t really all that independently expensive, but paying shipping for each of them basically leads someone to needing to spend as much on upgrades as we would on a new holster. So they half-ass it, give up, or spend a hundred bucks on a new holster before really learning what they like.

RangeSport has your back. Introducing the world’s first and only cheap holster repair kit. We include for you:

  • An ambidextrous concealment claw.
  • A steel monoblock belt clip.
  • A 2×3″ foam wedge, cut from soft but durable 1/2″ thick muzzle pad foam.
  • AndĀ allĀ the hardware you need for it: posts, longer screws, rubber washers, and eyelets.
  • We’ll even include a specially-sized drill bit for you, since some of these holsters only come with one retention screw and you’ll need two to properly mount the concealment claw.
  • AND we’ll include a packet of bue threadlocker for the screws, so your gear won’t fall apart on you.
  • AND AND we’ll include a sticker, obvi