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The Most Versatile, Reliable, High Tech, Economic Shot Timer Ever

Benefits That Separate RangeTech From The Competition

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 8 hours run time (never buy batteries again)
  • Connects Via Bluetooth to our FREE mobile app (downloadable to any iOS or Android device)
  • Turn on optional Preparatory Commands – “Shooter Ready, Standby” and other options before the timer starts (Your Phone will give you a command in advance of the start beep)
  • Auto Restart – For quick repetitions of the same drill, you can set the app to automatically restart between reps
  • Choose from various start beep sounds and optionally use a bright LED green “go” light
  • No Shot Limit in total or per string
  • Auto-Scoring based on USPSA, IDPA, Multigun, Steel Challenge, and other pre-programmed scoring schemas
  • Take pictures of your targets and attach them to the string of data for later review
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty protects against ANY manufacturer defects
  • 100% Made and Manufactured in the USA by an American Small Business consisting of defensive and competitive shooters

And of Course RangeTech Has All The Features You Expect From A Shot Timer

  • Adjust sensitivity to ensure the best experience in both indoor and outdoor environments
  • Set a Par based on time or number of shots (Fully customizable set value or range with various optional audio par signals
  • Delayed Start. Choose a specific number of seconds or a range between two numbers (Example: Delay start between 2 and 5 seconds)
  • Optionally display the delayed start countdown timer
  • Anti Echo adjustability to ensure your timer isn’t picking up false positives from steel targets or other similar noises

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