The Original Beaver™ Insane-Throw Light: AR15 Package


This is how it all started. The Original Beaver™ insane-throw handheld flashlight. The only reasonably-priced, long-throw tactical handheld light on the market today, now rifle-ready.


Everything you need in one dam package! The Original Beaver™ insane-throw handheld flashlight, bundled with original Magpul ring mounts for your AR15 handguard:

  • high-discharge battery
  • compact USB battery charger
  • reusable weatherproof/shockproof case
  • deep-carry pocket clip, just in case you want to switch over to EDC
  • Magpul V-Block and Rings weaponmount, available in MLOK or Picatinny.
  • and of course, a couple BeaverBoi and CanuckTac stickers

The Beaver™ was designed to pack as much punch as possible in a comfortably pocketable size. At 0.9″ wide and 4.75″ long, it’s about the same size as two rolls of quarters end-to-end. The weight is a modest 4.25oz (about the same weight as one D-cell battery or a deck of cards). The output is ~1100 lumens with a brain-busting ~40,000 candela. It will run at 100% juice for about 85 minutes. And the battery is rechargeable up to 500 times with no loss of performance, and just one of our batteries will save you around $1000 in disposable batteries over its useful life.

Additional information


100% only, Hi-Lo-Strobe

Mounting System

MLOK, Picatinny (left side), Picatinny (right side)

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