Custom Fit Impulse Filters (Mold-At-Home Kit)


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Perfect for competitive shooting, classes and hunting, these custom-molded silicone earplugs include specially designed acoustic impulse filters that reduce high-intensity percussive sounds such as gunfire. The filters filter out loud impulse noises without sacrificing listening quality for the sounds you want to hear (face-to-face conversations, game sounds, range commands, etc).


  • Unbelievably comfortable: Because these are custom-molded to each specific ear, you can wear them with perfect comfort all day long. The fit is so precise, even wind noise is completely eliminated.
  • Consistent protection: Because custom earplugs fit the individual’s ear canal precisely, research studies show that actual protection in the real world more closely matches laboratory-derived noise reduction predictions than other classes of earplugs where real-world applications might not actually measure up to what it says on the box due to imperfect user fit.
  • No interference with your eyeglasses or eye protection: Because there’s no acoustic seal around the ear, there’s no interference from the frames of your eyeglasses with your protection or comfort while shooting.
  • Durable, long-lasting: Unlike foam or even most pre-molded vinyl earplugs, customs are designed to survive for years. A set of custom earplugs can last many years due to the considerable strength and durability of the materials.
  • Fit for all: One clear advantage of custom hearing protection is that all sizes and shapes of ears can be accommodated, even when surgery, disease or injury has radically changed the characteristics of the outer ear.

Noise Reduction Rating: Since this is an acoustic filter that responds to acoustic impulse, the more pressure created by gunfire, the higher the NRR will be. Tested at 13 NRR in non-impulse mode for regular speaking voices. Approximately ~26 NRR for 9mm handgun fire.

Production Process & Timing:

  • We’ll ship you a DIY home-mold kit, which you’ll use (ideally with someone else’s help) to make molds of your ear canals, just like a professional audiologist would do in their office. There are detailed instructions in the box, and we’ve also got an instruction video here:
  • You’ll pack up the molds in the supplied prepaid box and drop it in the mail.
  • We’ll take care of everything, and you’ll get your new custom-molded ear protection in the mail in approximately 3 weeks,

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Custom Acrylic (hard), Custom Silicone (soft)

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