Target “Paster Buddy”


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The original! Keeps black and white pasters with your Towa paster gun so they’re always at the ready. Designed to hold 50 black and 50 white pasters (approximately a 5 foot strip of pasters). No more getting down range to reset the stage and having to yell back up range that you need a white or black paster. If you are worried you will miss out on the opportunity to heckle your buddy about needing a white or black paster, now you can yell, “GOOD THING I HAVE A PASTER BUDDY”, which is a much cooler heckle anyway, because it is also a flex. A bit of a niche flex, but when you know, you know.

Hole in cap allows for easy attachment to lanyard on Towa paster gun. High quality 3D printed construction. Includes one partitioned body and two threaded end caps.

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