TX22 Mag Pouches


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One thing Taurus seems to be overlooked when marketing the TX22 as a competition pistol is all the rest of the gear that goes actually along with competing. In addition to our weighted basepads, we’re thrilled to bring you these custom-fit kydex mag pouches for your TX22 magazines.

We tried everything to find a solution to get TX22 mags on our belts, but single stack-pouches are too small and double-stack are too wide. We tried Racers, CR Speeds, Ghosts, you name it. Short of packing a double-stack pouch with makeshift liners or inserts, there just isn’t a great solution out there. So, we’ll solve that problem for you.

Our “default” mag pouch is black and set up to be worn OWB. We keep these in stock and ready to ship.

Custom Colors: We can custom-make you mag pouches to order in a variety of colors. Colors are special-order items and may take an extra 10-14 days to ship. Custom orders can of course be fit with the belt hardware of your choosing, depending on your needs. We offer polymer quick-clips, steel monoblocks, or slimline beltlocks. Minimum order of 2 pouches for custom colors. If you select custom color, please make a note of the color you’d like in the Order Notes field at checkout. We’ll reach out to you by email to confirm if need be.

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Right Handed (pouches worn on left side of body), Left Handed (pouches worn on right side of body)


Black (quick-ship), Custom Color


Quick-Clip (default), Steel Monoblock, Slimline Beltlock