The Original Beaver™ Insane-Throw Handheld Light

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This is how it all started. The Original Beaver™ insane-throw handheld flashlight. The only reasonably-priced, long-throw tactical handheld light on the market today.


Everything you need in one dam package! The Original Beaver™ insane-throw handheld flashlight, bundled with:

  • deep-carry pocket clip
  • removable lanyard
  • high-discharge battery
  • compact USB battery charger
  • reusable weatherproof/shockproof case
  • and of course, a couple BeaverBoi and CanuckTac stickers

The Beaver™ was designed to pack as much punch as possible in a comfortably pocketable size. At 0.9″ wide and 4.75″ long, it’s about the same size as two rolls of quarters end-to-end. The weight is a modest 4.25oz (about the same weight as one D-cell battery or a deck of cards). The output is ~1100 lumens with a brain-busting ~40,000 candela. It will run at 100% juice for about 85 minutes. And the battery is rechargeable up to 500 times with no loss of performance, and just one of our batteries will save you around $1000 in disposable batteries over its useful life.

Be sure to check out the beamshots and product videos here, and a ton more FAQ’s here.

Additional information

Weight N/A

100% only (best for nighttime and defensive use), Lo-Med-Hi (best for EDC use), Hi-Lo-Strobe (for tactical use only)


Complete Package (with battery and charger), Just the light (no battery or charger)

23 reviews for The Original Beaver™ Insane-Throw Handheld Light

  1. micah

    This is a really great way to cut through all the confusion of buying a Convoy flashlight, and instead get a package that has amazing performance. Shipping was super fast. Performance is on par with my $100+ Streamlight Protac HL-Xs in a smaller body.

  2. Ted S.

    I ordered 2 flashlights Second order) the night Hurricane Ida was blowing through Louisiana.
    I advised to just send items when everything was back to normal.
    \Flashlights were shipped 2 days after New Orleans taking a wallop and shutting down all electricity.
    I do not know how it was done, but my lights got to me 4 days later despite all attempts by USPS losing the order.
    New Orleans to Alabama to Memphis and finally to Baton Rouge.
    Stellar service.
    The lights are an amazing instrument and very nice quality.
    My only negative is that all my grandsons, son and Wife want one.
    Thank you

  3. Stephen F.

    Awesome light. Battery lasts a long time. Light throws a beam astoundingly far.

  4. Coleman F.

    This light is perfect. Easy to use and bright as fuck. Will be buying more for sure!

  5. Matthew M.

    Pretty good light. Belt clip a little weak; light de clipped and I lost it in the field the very first night I used it. Ordered another one and will pair with a nylon belt host.

  6. Ted S.

    Third time to order from Canuck Tactical. Every time someone in the family sees one of these flashlights they want mine. Just wonderful lights.
    Making this order I did not pay attention to the offered discount code. Within 3 minutes of the order being placed I had a credit posted to my card.
    Canuck added the discount after the order.
    Great and above the top service, fast shipping and product well worth the price.
    Also, nice swag included with this order.
    Thank you and will see you again soon.

  7. Frank

    Fantastic light, replaced a few more pricey lights and no plans on going back!

  8. Jackson B.

    The light feels well-built and the beam throw is excellent. I like the variable brightness as you can use the 1% beam for up close.

    Shipping was fast!

    I’ll be purchasing another for my father-in-law this week.

  9. Dana T.

    Ordered three, all were perfect. Customer service was top notch as well.

  10. Ryan B.

    Gives the pd35 a run for its money! This flashlight has better throw than the PD35, which is why I purchased. Tailcap is great, programming is easy, and the quality is good. There’s a small glow in the dark section on the lens that glows after use that I found kind of cool.

    The only down side is that if you’re in any setting besides 100%, you can’t “remember” what power it was last turned on to. You have to cycle through the power options each time. Small annoyance and OK for admin use, but keep at 100% only if you want fast access to it!

  11. Jay M.

    Before I even get to the light, I want to touch base on the owner. I messaged him on Reddit and within an hour he was answering my questions and helping me figure out the programming mode I wanted. I got the light, shimmed it up with electrical tape and set it up in an arisaka mlok mount on my rifle. I sent him some pics on Reddit to say thanks and tell him how happy I was and how good it performed and looked. He wasn’t satisfied anyway and sent me free of charge some EPMD ranger bands that shimmed it perfectly for the light mount and gave it a cleaner look without the tape (last pic). Honestly, thank you dude, above and beyond. Appreciate you.

    On to the light. At 100% I can light up the fifth wheel on a tractor at 250 yards and see if there’s grease on it. At 20% I can flood any room in my house and at strobe it just pretty much gives me a stroke (kidding, it’s definitely jarring indoors tho).

    Great product, great price, great owner, veteran discount. 6/5 stars.

  12. Jackson B.

    If you don’t put one of these in your father-in-law’s Christmas stocking, you’re doing it wrong!

  13. Harold S.

    I got my hands on the first ever branded light and I couldn’t be happier with it. The light feels very well made and durable in my hands and it’s very simple to reprogram to whatever power settings I want. Great light for the price and I find it very comparable to my PLHv2 on my rifle. I never considered carrying a flashlight with me daily but this makes me want to reconsider.

  14. john b.

    Insanely good value, great light and even better service!

  15. Nathan F.

    Amazing shipping, packaging, and value for what you are getting. You are getting a $300 light for less than $100. Actually like this packaging better than my modlite. I have bought 3 of these so far.

  16. Corey S.

    Awesome light and kit. I’ve bought one for myself, and one as a gift. This will forever be my go-to flashlight.

  17. Troy J.

    I am very satisfied with the light overall. I ordered the whole shabang, light, battery, charger, etc. Everything is top quality as far as I can tell.

    My only complaints are:

    The clip is flimsy. However I ordered the thyrm low profile which should fix the clip problem

  18. Mark T.

    Nice light, very bright. I will be buying more, Great gift idea.

  19. Jim R.

    These are great flash lights. VERY bright with fantastic throw in a small unassuming package. Perfect for edc and self defense. (Instantly blinding at 30 ft). I currently own klarus, olight, streamlight and fenix flashlights. Canuck’s are a great value and impressive flashlights. I highly recommend them.

  20. Christopher L.

    This is my 3rd light purchase. They’re just great value for the combination of quality construction, lumens, candela, and packaging. The light is focused with a bit of spillover. 100% is blinding and is kind of a weapon in itself; carried it in my EDC for 3+ months. Just had to get another one with lower power options.

  21. Crey (verified owner)

    I did the LEO exchange program and got myself a solid secondary light for an awesome price. I would purchase again.

  22. Alex D

    Bought this light in 2021 when they first rolled out, been running it hard for 2 years meow.. output is 95% comparable to the modlites I was carrying previously and had a habit of disappearing.
    The slim form factor beats out the modlite offerings, thrym rings and clip fit nicely using the included o ring to stabilize the it. Glow ring around the bezel is a great touch. Overall 10/10 and my go to recommendation to friends and family looking for a daily carry light. Included charger is decent and compact although I run a battery bank that takes 18650 cells and USB C as a charger to minimize my cable clutter when traveling.
    Costumer service and support is next level with my emails being answered quickly and the owner is very transparent about his oem sourcing and internal components which is amazing and rarely seen, esp by certain other brands in the high output light game

  23. John

    tldr: excellent flashlight and excellent business practices

    I have a Modlite PLHv2 and the Beaver Blaster, and the Beaver Blaster’s output is pretty much identical to the modlite – they’ll both light up the inside of a house a few hundred yards away. The Beaver is a bit smaller than the modlite, but it fits well for my hand. Beaver seems well constructed and should be durable, although the modlite is potted but the Beaver is not, if thats a requirement for you. At the time of writing, the modlite is $320 and the Beaver is $80, so really no comparison there.

    Communication with Canuck has been super quick and helpful. I’d ordered a hi/mid/lo but was sent a 100% only, so Adam helped me reprogram the light which took <5 minutes overall (actually programming took maybe 30 seconds).

    Buy one already!

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